Locksmith scams

Locksmith scams and how to avoid them

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Locksmith scams refer to fraudulent practices carried out by individuals or companies claiming to be professional locksmiths. These scams often involve dishonest locksmiths who take advantage of customers in need of emergency locksmith services, such as lockouts or key replacements.

Some common locksmith scams include:


This scam involves advertising low service fees over the phone, but upon arrival, the locksmith claims the job is more complicated than expected and increases the price dramatically. This sudden escalation in price catches customers off guard, leaving them feeling trapped and pressured to pay the inflated charges, especially in emergency situations where they need the service completed.

Non-local locksmiths:

Some scam artists pretend to be local locksmiths by using fake local addresses and phone numbers. They often operate out of call centres located in other areas and send unqualified technicians who may damage locks or charge inflated fees.


Scammers may manipulate customers, especially those in emergency situations, by providing a low quote over the phone but drastically inflating the price once the job is completed.

Certain dishonest locksmiths may claim that a lock needs to be drilled and replaced, even if it could be easily picked or a key can be made. This allows them to charge significantly more for the service.

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Unqualified technicians

Some dishonest locksmith companies employ untrained or inexperienced technicians who lack the necessary skills to efficiently and safely complete locksmith services. This can lead to further damage to locks or property.

To protect yourself from locksmith scams, we advise you to:

Use a local locksmith, instead of a call centre:

Call centres usually sub out work without always performing full checks on the locksmith or knowing how skilled they are. They also normally charge a lot more than a local locksmith business. It’s worth researching and choosing a reputable locksmith company that is local to your area. At Horsham Locksmiths we are transparent about our experience, skill level, and the pricing of our services.

Obtain a written estimate

Before allowing any work to begin you should ask for a written quote from the locksmith and inquire about any extra charges or fees that may arise. This will help prevent misunderstandings and allows you to compare quotes. At Horsham Locksmiths we’re happy to explain our services to customers and give a breakdown of what’s included in the quote we provide.

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Check their reviews

Check to see if there are any reviews online and if they’re recent. Reading a locksmith’s reviews helps you gather information about their reliability, quality of service, pricing, response time, and more. This can help you choose a locksmith who meets your specific needs and standards while avoiding locksmith scammers.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

Asking for recommendations from friends and family for a locksmith is a reliable way of finding a trustworthy, skilled professional. As they’ve had a first-hand experience and will only recommend them to you if they were happy with the service provided by the locksmith.

Ask about their experience

It’s important to choose a locksmith that has experienced a wide range of situations and can complete the service you require with a high level of skill. Hearing about their knowledge and experience will give you confidence that they can deliver you a quality service.

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If you’ve been a victim of one of these locksmiths scams, we recommend contacting your local trading standards office here.

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